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Our Showroom

HCR Chrome Shop started out as HCR Heavy Equipment Detailing, where we were known as the "wheel Polish Specialists." Being locally owned and operated keeps us in the loop of what our customers are looking for, which led us to expand and add the Chrome Shop.

While trucks were in for detailing and wheel polishing, many of the drivers wanted to do some parts replacing or accessory shopping- and no better time to do so!! Once the customer decided what they needed or wanted, we would find it and get it-and usually installed it too! After running here and there a little more often than he should, a grand notion of having the inventory right here was born...and so construction on the showroom began!

Accessories in Stock

The HCR Chrome Shop has EVERYTHING you need to keep your truck looking good—on the off chance that we don't, we will find and get it for you still! Our store is like a candy-shop to most truckers, and so has been very well received. We look forward to continuing to meet new people and finding them what they're looking for, or always wanted. We strive to deliver the best customer service possible, and can guarantee we will do our best to make sure you leave here with a smile on your face!

Fantastic Retail Experience

With the creation of the Showroom, HCR Chrome Shop is able to provide our customers with a place to see in person what they are buying. Shopping online loses not only the relationship between customer and associate, but also the ability to know you're getting exactly what you need! Our showroom offers fender displays, a whole wall of LED lights, and so much more!! It has become one of the trucker's most favorite places to visit, and it's right here in Bangor, Maine!

Fast Service

When a customer comes in for truck detailing or wheel polishing, they can have new accessories installed while they wait - usually the same day! Just by simply adding a showroom, and filling it with the most popular, in demand parts and accessories among truckers, HCR Chrome Shop is able to dramatically increase customer satisfaction by reducing the downtime of their trucks, as products are right here—effectively saving our customers both time and money. Less down time means more time on the road and more money in your pockets.

Great Selection

It does not happen very often, but occasionally a customer will come through with a request for an item that HCR Chrome Shop just does not have in stock on their showroom floor. This may be because it is a rare, hard to find part, or it is going on a rare or uncommon truck, or just simply because the item in question was bought out and is not currently in stock. Should this occur, HCR Chrome Shop has "go-getters" that hate seeing their customers leave empty handed, especially when they came in for a specific item. If they can, they WILL get the item coming for you and can even have it shipped directly to your home.

Helpful Staff

We love nothing more than helping customers find exactly what they are looking for, and we will help our customers locate any part not stocked in the showroom. If it exists, or can be custom fabricated, it is guaranteed that HCR Chrome Shop will find it and get it coming to you! There usually is no such thing as too hard of a job for HCR Chrome Shop and their staff of knowledgeable employees.

Great prices, good selection, and the willingness to help you find the exact piece you're looking for. They want your business and it shows.

--Chris Fischer