Centramatic produces and item that is more of a comfort accessory than a visual accessory. It has a purpose beyond looking good and catching eyes as most other manufactures of big tuck accessories do. In fact, when using a Centramatic accessory, it is very unlikely anyone besides the driver and his tire supplier, will even know it is there.

Centramatic is an on the wheel balancing system, which performs many different functions, which the most basic of is to balance semi truck tires to improve ride quality, and lengthen the life of the tires. This product is a round rim whose outer lip is filled with a bunch of steel ball bearings that fill the unbalanced part of the wheel as you ride. As your wheels begin rolling, Centrifugal force acts upon the metal bearings, causing them to go to whenever weight is needed to counter balance the heavy spots in the tires.

The initial installation and occasional checks are the only maintenance procedures you’ll have on these wheel balancers.

Properly balanced tires can last much longer than unbalanced tires. When using the Centramatic wheel balancing system, a driver can increase the life of the tire tread by around 50%. This easy to use system will also reduce cupping on the edges of tires, feathering of the tread caused by imbalances in the wheel, and drastically reduce road vibration, and improve tracking. The free spinning metal shot inside the ring moves as the balance point of the tires change as the tires wear, creating a perfectly balanced tire every time the truck stops and starts.

The Centramatic automatic balancing ring comes with a 5 year, unlimited mile warranty, and can be used on all 22.5″ and 24.5″ semi truck wheels.

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