Dynaflex Exhaust Products

A truck’s exhaust is on the top of the “noticed first” list when appreciating any rig., and we all know that how they sound is EQUALLY important! Those tall, shiny, chrome stacks standing up over the cab of your truck, letting out that huge intense “growl” and shooting out an intimidating puff of black smoke here and there is sure to excite any rig enthusiast.

Dynaflex produces and sells top quality, chrome plated smoke stacks that look great, and perform even better. Dynaflex stacks are even compatible for use with DPFs, or Diesel Particulate Filters, which reduce the amount of soot from burning diesel fuel that is released into the air. Customers can choose between many different sizes and styles to best compliment their truck. Dynaflex manufactures Air Kooled Kits, in response to DPFs raising temperatures by 30%, often reaching 700-1100 degrees F. Also offered are Quiet Mufflers that reduce the exhaust noise component of your heavy duty truck.

  • Full Exhaust Kits, Chromed or Blacked Out
  • Top Stacks in many styles, inlcuding their infamous Dynaflex Curve
  • After Market Replacement Exhaust Parts
  • Air Kooled Kits, Quiet Muffler Options
  • & More
Dynaflex Exhaust Products