This Company’s main focus is on custom made stainless steel trims and accent pieces. They offer unique mud flap accessories, battery & tool box covers, step plates, tank covers, all of which are easy to install. Most of their products adhere with the industry’s best quality and durable 3M tape. This removes all need for rivets, or sticky, messy, paint on adhesives, which are likely to make more of a mess than they are worth, and cuts down on installation time dramatically! All of their products are jewelry quality, mirror finish 304 stainless steel. They laser cut the stainless steel making for a perfect fit each time and can even custom engrave your pieces for a more dramatic look.

The laser cutting and engraving ensures lines are straight, clean, and sharp looking. Once carved out and polished, 3M tape is applied and your piece is ready to ship. Since they design and manufacture their products here in the USA, they can be specked to fit any truck!

  • Mud Flap Sknz
  • Tank Sknz
  • Battery Box Sknz
  • Tool Box Sknz
  • Fuel Tank Cap Covers
  • License Plates and Plate Frames
  • Universal Accessories
  • & More