Every single item Roadworks offers is manufactured and produced right here in the United States- Lafayette, Indiana to be exact. This is a big deal among many Americans who don’t believe we should be sacrificing the quality of products to save a few extra dollars on cheap materials and cheaper production labor from countries outside of America. None of their products are outsourced from overseas or any other country. This company and their products truly are “Made In The U.S.A”.

Roadworks is also aware of the fact that to maintain a certain status, your big truck needs to keep looking good. To truckers, chrome and stainless says, “Hey! Look! I love my truck, I’m good at what I do, and I am proud!”. Therefore, Roadworks Manufacturing has the finest quality, best fitting accessories you’ll find! They offer a full line of big rig exterior accessories, along with interior accessories such as accent strips and trim pieces. Bumpers, bumper light bars, light brackets, and permit plate holders, are only a few of the items on this company’s long list of products.

They also offer more “necessity” items that include things such as LED lights, wiring harnesses, terminals, and various hardware, bolts and screws, and electrical components. Basically, Roadworks Truck Accessories has items for the entire big truck, front to rear, side to side, inside and out, and they are all made right here, in the wonderful United States of America.

  • Stainless Steel Bumpers
  • Tank Saddle Covers
  • Stainless Hub Covers
  • LED Lights
  • Sleeper Shock Covers
  • License and Vanity Plate Frames
  • Grills
  • Center Hood Trims
  • Wiper Arm Covers
  • Blind Mount Ribbed Visors
  • Cab and Sleeper Panels
  • & More