Valley Chrome Plating

Valley Chrome Plating produces high quality chrome and stainless steel bumpers. These bumpers range from OEM or stock replacements, to custom designed bumpers limited only to your own imagination. Unique light patterns, and personal engravings are only a few of their many custom options.

Because they custom design bumpers, there is not a truck type out there they cannot make an eye catching chrome or stainless steel bumper for. Valley Chrome Plating is the solution to the ‘hard to find’ Logger bumpers for both the new style and old style Western Star trucks. 10″ and 14″ loggers are almost always in stock at the HCR Chrome Shop.

It is important to note that where these products involve the process of chroming, new/custom bumper orders can take up to 3 weeks. Valley Chrome’s chrome plating procedure is a multiple step, timely process and all bumpers are fully inspected, and approved before their product is shipped out.

Stainless steel will not rust, chip and in many cases, won’t discolor like chrome can.

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Valley Chrome Plating