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Truck Detailing

HCR Chrome Shop offers interior detailing as thorough as you want! It is common knowledge; a clean, shiny, well cared for truck speaks volumes about the professionalism and responsibility of the driver. A driver with a well cared for truck is bound to get more contracts, as well as attention, as it shows the driver takes the responsibilities that go with trucking very seriously, and they have pride in what they do. We can work with ANY budget!

At HCR Chrome Shop, there is a very thorough detailing procedure each truck that purchases a detail "package" goes through. The truck is cleaned inside and out, top to bottom. First, professionally trained detailers will remove all the trash from the truck. Then they will proceed by vacuuming out all dirt and debris from the carpet and upholstery and in all the little cracks and crevices.


Attention to Detail

The grill, bumper, and front lights get special attention to make sure they are nicely cleaned up. Anything chrome is wiped down as well, and aluminum can be polished up to bring back that brand new shine. After the outside windows and mirrors are washed, the detailers will do a quick once over to be sure they got everything cleaned up perfectly, and there is not one single spot they missed. If everything looks good, they proceed on with a high gloss, conditioning wax that helps bring back the shine and color of the trucks paint like it was when it was brand new. This last step will also buff out any small scratches and imperfections in the paint that occur over thousands of miles of driving.

Caring For Your Truck

After the thorough and efficient carpet and upholstery shampooing and stain treatment, all vinyl, leather, and plastic will be cleaned and treated with a protective conditioner that will not cause residue build up. This will extend the life of these materials that can be very sensitive and easily damaged by heat and UV rays. As soon as everything has been vacuumed, shampooed, cleaned and conditioned, the inside of the windows are cleaned, door jams, thresholds and all else in need is wiped down and the detailers move on to the outside of the truck.

No Dirt is Too Tough

The exterior of the truck is rinsed off before scrubbing to remove any loose dirt that may cause scratches in the paint. Then, all bugs, tar, sap, and other gooey stuck on things are spot treated and scrubbed off with highly concentrated, but safe, cleaners that we have discovered though our many years of experience- they will not damage paint, chrome finish or any other sensitive areas. Once all the hard to remove spots are taken off, the truck is then washed with a high quality, conditioning soap from the top to the bottom, front to rear leaving your truck looking almost new again.

Clean Truck Guarantee

There are many, many more options offered by HCR Chrome Shop for detailing a big truck inside and out. The most sure way to figure out the best detailing procedure for your big rig is to bring it down to the shop, and have one of their highly educated and experienced detailers take a look at the truck, inside and out. This way, the detailers can present the truck driver with a custom made plan that is best for the truck, without getting a bunch of work done that was not needed. This also allows us to stay within YOUR budget, big or small, and we can keep our concentration on the areas of YOUR needs.

Great prices and friendly people - the folks down at HCR Chrome shop know their stuff! I always leave with what I need, it's a great place to go.

- Scott D Maclauchlan Jr.