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Wheel Polishing

The rims of any vehicle are subject to a lot of damage and dirt, as they are just a few inches away from the road. Salt and calcium are the biggest culprits for pitted up wheels- not to mention all of the acid washes between here and there. You can hand polish all day, then the first rain storm your hand polished rims will look like they did before all those hours of polishing. Our wheel machine cuts and polishes the wheels back down to a smooth, super shiny, "just like new" finish.

Big heavy trucks travel so many miles on the open road, it is absolutely inevitable they will eventually become very dirty, get scratched, or even have gouges taken out of them from all of the wear and tear! Our wheel polishing specialists will get your wheels back to their best selves!


Wheel Repair

HCR Chrome Shop's wheel polishing machine can work miracles on the most beat up, scratched, gouged rims. Many of these issues would lead a person to believe the only way to fix these scratches and gouges are to replace the rims. This can be a very expensive, bank breaking remedy, as most aluminum semi rims run upwards of $300. HCR Chrome Shop took note of this, and has a service that can repair truck rims to the way they looked when they were brand new, or at least very close to it. The best part about this service, is it will only cost the trucker a fraction of the cost of buying even just one new rim, let alone a whole set for the truck and or trailer. We can do 1 of your wheels for you at a time, or ALL of them- another way we can work with your budget!

Preventative Measures

Many people may not realize this, but DOT, or the Department of Transportation, is much less likely to stop a big truck that has nice, shiny, clean rims, compared to one that has dirty, nasty, unkept rims. Another 'plus' to getting rims buffed and polished through HCR Chrome Shop is the simple fact it is much easier to identify potential issues with rims when they are clean. Things like cracks, dents, and other deformities can easily be hidden underneath caked on road grime.

Save Time & Money

Identifying these problems early on can lead to prevention of a very unfortunate situation, such as being stuck on the side of a freeway in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, because a tire will not hold air due to a small crack in the rim. Wheel polishing isn't only for aesthetics; it can save a truck driver a lot of time, as well as money, if we can notice the future dangers of an abused unsafe rim.

I think it's the best damn thing around here, and it's going to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. There's no other place I know of in this state that you can get your truck washed, polished, interior detailed, wheels done in a wheel machine, chrome installed, or what ever you want. Very accommodating! No one tries any harder than HCR and that's a fact!

- Glen Mckechnie